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Ronnie J. Waymire Ronnie J. Waymire
(December 11, 1941 - October 3, 2013)

Ronnie J. Waymire, age 71, Logansport, passed away at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 3, 2013, in his residence.

Ronnie “Joe” Waymire was born December 11, 1941 in Lucerne, Indiana.

Those of you who knew him prior to working on the police department probably knew him by Joe, but those who knew him after would have known him by Ron. To me, he was simply dad. No matter what you may have called him by, everyone will agree that he was a great man. He was one of the most loving, trustworthy, and loyal friends that a person could ask for and would do whatever he could to help a friend in need.

He graduated from Lucerne High School in 1961, where he was “10th in his class.” He would later go on to explain he was “10th in his class out of 11.”

While living in Lucerne, he spent ten years working aside his father in his store, Lucerne Supplies Lumber Yard.

He was a hardworking man, and after an array of jobs he joined the Logansport Police Department at the age of 23. He served loyally for 22 years until his retirement in 1986.

Shortly after his retirement, he began a new career with the Cass County Highway Department to which he served another 20 years.

After a short stint working security at the Logansport Court House, and a hundred jobs later, the old man officially “retired” for the third time. But as most know, he never truly retired. On any given day, if not in his own garage, he could be found at Peck’s Lawn Mower shop where he enjoyed spending his time, seeing the people involved, and helping in any way he could.

Joe Waymire was preceded in death by father, Virgil W. Waymire, and mother, Verna “Perk” Whitlow.

He is survived by his brother Rex Waymire, daughter Krisit Martin and son Joseph Waymire.

Out of respect of my father’s wishes, there will be no funeral processions. Any condolences may be sent to 321 Highland St.